Saturday, September 21, 2013

2012 Scotch Block Winery Halton Hills Blanc

The Scotch Block Halton Hills Blanc is a relatively new wine. It pours with a very clear, pale straw colour and some minor effervescence along the bottom of the glass. It has a very pretty hue in the glass.

Upon swirling the glass, aromas of pineapple, cantaloupe and honeydew emerge; some citrus-rind notes and pine needle can be picked up as well. It's a fresh, crisp, inviting nose.

There's excellent balance right on the entry, with crisp acidity and just a slight residual sweetness. The wine is crisp and balanced, with good flavour replay. It's a well structured and substantive white wine that goes with just about anything calling for a white dinner wine. The wine comes in at 11% alc./vol.

The citrus/lemon-rind notes continue along the palate and right into the finish. There is some slight warmth, and the finish is clean and cleansing.

Based on the Cayuga White grape variety, this is one of the best white wines I've had from Scotch Block to-date. Available at the winery only, and highly recommended.

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