Sunday, May 19, 2013

2010 Sandbanks Estate Baco Noir Reserve (Ontario VQA)

I had been wanting to try Sandbanks' Baco for quite some time. Having seen the Reserve recently, I bought it for Victoria Day weekend ($19.95 on general list at the LCBO; Product ID: 225920).

This Baco Reserve pours to reveal a dark garnet colour with a ruby tint that appears nearer the meniscus. Strong barrel aromas emerge over Baco's sour hickory and brackish bouquet. Brisk, strong acidity signals the entry. Plenty of oak character mingles with the tart, lithe and laser-like focus of the acid-driven structure. There's an invigorating, Barbera-like tartness, with plum and hickory replays; a bit of warmth (13% alc./vol.), and a mouth-cleansing finale, with more oak replays drawing the proverbial curtains.

While the wine initially seemed a bit tart for a 2010 reserve, it did settle down and integrate with some decanting (2+ hrs).

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