Wednesday, July 18, 2007

2006 Scotch Block Winery Halton White

The 2006 Halton White from Scotch Block is my second-favourite release of this wine (the inaugural 2002 vintage was undoubtedly the most memorable). I am very impressed with the quality of Halton's very own regional wine from what was certainly a challenging ripening season.

A blend of several white grape varieties (mainly Vidal, Cayuga and Seyval), the wine is a very pale, almost watery-clear colour with a tinge of youthful green and some carbonation along the inside of the glass. Fresh, lemony/citric nose with light tropical-fruit nuances. Briskly tart on the entry with lively acidity and a crisp, balanced texture. Crisp and minerally all across the palate - a most enjoyable white. Chill a bottle of Halton White on a hot summer's day and enjoy it while grilling outdoors. The wine is invigorating and cleansing.

Ever since Halton White first came out, I have been an ardent supporter of this wine. May we continue to enjoy wines of regional identity - true products of the Ontarian countryside!

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