Sunday, October 23, 2022

2020 Henry of Pelham Old Vines Baco Noir (Ontario VQA)

One of my long-time favourite Ontario reds, crafted in this reserve version by the Kings of Baco at Henry of Pelham.

13.5% alc./vol. Particle-cork closure (surprised that wineries are still using this format...why?).

The wine pours with a beautiful, saturated black/scarlet colour and a neon-magenta meniscus—done as only a hybrid red can do. Lovely to look at. When swirled, that same intense beet-like saturation comes through.

Big American oak on the nose—lots of fresh lumber and vanillin/coconut oak blasts its way out of the glass, along with classic Baco hints of tart blue plums.

Tart, bracing entry; cleansing. Good balance, with acidity leading the way. Oaky on the mid-palate, with diminutive tannins. The finish is warm and expansive. 

Normally, this sells for just a few cents under twenty bucks, but it was on sale for two dollars less recently. 

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